It is a service provided by Ingaz United Company for Human Resources to provide employment solutions in integrated and flexible ways with the latest technologies supported by artificial intelligence and to provide all administrative facilities in the management of human resources and employees and to attract and employ Saudi and non-Saudi cadres in various fields and manage them fully at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Among its most important advantages:

  • Possibility of contracting for limited periods.

  • Attracting qualified Saudis / non-Saudis.

  • Possibility of subjecting candidates to Psychometric Tests.

  • Participation in internal interviews

  • Participate in conducting job interviews and selecting employee

  • Provide the entity with the recommendations of the candidate and provide them with a 360 Feedback report.

  • Ingaz company is fully responsible for the employee according to the work system

  • The entities to which the employee is entrusted do not bear any financial obligations (social insurance - medical insurance - annual allowance - residencies - work permits - end-of-service gratuity).

  • Offering remote training courses in various fields and disciplines through the e-training achievement platform.

  • A special user for each employee in INGAZ's human resources system.

  • The ability to track the attendance and departure of employees geographically.